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How many weight classes?

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It just funny the whole thread is about all these forfeits. Yet 11 years ago we eliminate a middle weight where the majority of the athletes weigh. I love how you grab on example. You haven't given any valid reason why 220 is necessary. If you put more weights in the middle with the most kids you will have less forfeits for duals with flexibility to move kids around. I don't think you are being honest with yourself about the lack of talent the 220 weight class brings. Its overdue its time to fix the weight classes.
Lol, i bet many of the top 220 pounders pin you. And no your kid still can't get in the lineup with 2 extra weights.Coach them up bud.And if it's so easy just have your boy go 220?


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Here are four sectional entry grids from the Central district. (I just picked the first ones on Baumspage)
Count them!!!
There are more 195 thru 285 kids than there are 106 thru 120.
And I’ll bet that these teams had more jv guys at the big weight than the light weights.


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The changes removed a middle weight to create another heavy weight. The old weights had a 215. The difference is you lost a weight between 125-145 and gained a weight between 170-195.
Old 171, 189, and 215
New 170, 182, 195, and 220

so it’s the two weights classes 182 and 195 that took a weight from the middle weights 130,135, and 140

so this is the debate, not 106,113,120 or 220


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If you put 220 and 285 together it would equal the average numbers of a middle weight is my point. It makes the middle weights very tough I will give them that. The funny part is a good 220 that goes to college usually drops to 197.
And a very good 106 or 113 senior usually can’t cut it in college.


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Thank you for the opportunity to make my annual HS weight class suggestion: 109, 117, then college weights. 2 hour weigh-ins. 2 lbs allowance on second day. No hydration test. Certify by February to determine tournament weight. Allows one to wrestle up most of year and drop late.


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I am not a fan of dropping weight classes because of the reduced opportunities. I have read suggestions on other wrestling boards that discuss allowing schools to enter multiple kids in the same weight class for the state series. The main argument was for log jams at middle weights. A lot of discussions about forfeits. Many states (prior to Covid) were seeing a drop in duals and increase in tournaments based on participation points or days depending on those state's rules. Reality is based on size distribution, the middle weights are going to have higher numbers. I would imagine there are many more kids in America that weigh between 130-170 at age 15-18 than weigh 200-275 or 95-120. There may be regional differences in that overall number, but on average I would bet that is true for every state.