Top Ohio 8th graders and high schools


As a Moeller fan and strong supporter of what Coach Lindsey has been doing, I would be super excited to see many of the mentioned above ???? end up in that program. The Southwest Select and Team Lindsey kids are busting their tails and the future looks bright!
I find it wild how in bigger areas, middle school kids change schools so much. In eastern and southeastern ohio, kids rarely change schools.
I would say travel and schools distance apart are a big factor.


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i think there is a decent amount of school jumping here in se. ohio. The kids just arent as god so its not noticed near as much. There are only a few coaches(at most) that put the offseason time in


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Is that district champ. Just wondering what is Divisional state champ. I didn’t see him mention so just asking.
OAC Started the Divisional State Championship. Its AAA, AA & A based on the high school that the junior high feeds into. It can be misleading though as Divisional Placement gives criteria in some OAC events and I saw some weights with 3-4 entries and others with 8+. So someone may take 2nd at Divisional States but went 1-1 for instance


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Divisional state is a warm up, or practice for the real oac IMO . Some Div state champs dont even place at the oac state tournament's. Holds no weight and has no seeding value for anything, and cannot judge a wrestler solely on this tournament because of lack of participants.