We can argue how many, (some will argue even if any), of these kids were recruited. Moeller has a recruiting reputation going back to the 70s with Faust. We've all been around the block and realize that some of the religious schools do not live up to their stated values in terms of playing fairly and by the rules. I know of several instances at the Catholic grade school level.
As for a better education, IMO that is debatable. For students that come from strong families and reasonably good economic environment, their education is much more dependent on the student and the parents. There are pros and cons of going to a parochial school. I say that as a proud GCL alum.
A lot has changed on the education front. I have kids in both private and public high school. It really is night and day. 5 years ago I would have said that a high achieving kid would do well at either and private school didn’t matter. I don’t feel the same way today. Some of my friends that are public school teachers feel the same way unfortunately including two that send their kids to private schools.

David H21

Kids that play together in club that want to play together in high school isn’t recruiting.

A parent who teaches in a public school system where her son attends. Recognizes he needs to be put in a better situation academically and socially. And decides to not only send him but also his brother to Moe due to the academics isn’t recruiting.

Kids who want to improve their situation academically, athletically or both and decide to attend a private school isn’t recruiting.

An incoming freshman at a public school that is training with the local HS team but transfers to Moeller mid summer because their parents have concerns about the public school’s remote learning plan isn’t recruiting.

A HS coach who decides to coach club soccer to improve his coaching tactics, refine his skills and learn different styles of play and tricks he can apply in HS isn’t recruiting.

A coach who gets the latest and greatest gear for his team (for which families have to pay a participation and uniform fee) isn’t recruiting.

The fact is Moeller sells itself academically and athletically. Many of their athletic programs have had sustained success, including soccer. The coaching staff has built a family culture at Moe. The kids love playing for him and the parents are invested in the program. There’s clear and open communication from the coaching staff to the families, which is consistent throughout the school from the teachers, administrators, counselors and leadership. They have a style of play that is built on 1-2 touch possession-style soccer, which is consistent with top clubs teams across the country. This is a style of play that attracts players from top clubs as it will help further their development. It attracts college coaches to their best players for recruiting purposes. Academically the school fosters inclusion and brotherhood through their house system, mentor group and many other programs. Proven by the fact that the athletic administration and coaching staff made a joint decision to not cut anyone from the program.

Certainly Moe isn’t for everyone. They’ve had students and athletes transfer out just as they’ve transferred in. That’s what makes America great. The freedom to make a choice that is in the best interest of my family and my son. This freedom should be celebrated, rather than slandered with false accusations and hearsay behind pen names on a blog. Why not write about how great some of the transfers are doing academically, athletically and socially. Or how the Moe soccer family has welcomed them into the family. Or how much the kids respect them ... so much so that the team, not the coaching staff, voted 2 of them to be captains.

Perhaps if the academic and athletic programs were just better at all these schools, kids wouldn’t transfer. I guess it’s a lot easier to throw stones rather than put in the work to just be better.
Would you stop it!!!!!! Enough with the mission statement. Focus. 6 very good players over 2 years. Doesn’t happen. Don’t focus on boys. Not their fault. The fault lies with the adult skirting the rules. And I don’t know what others on here have said but I certainly didn’t say it’s not a good school academically. Plus you lose credibility when you tell me I’m hiding behind a pen name. My name is David????? My last name begins with H. I guess your name is ScottyFlatStiks? practice what you preach. Listen. We won’t agree. That’s fine. Let’s just compare first 8 to last 8. Topic kind of boring now. Said all that needs to be said but if I think about it I’ll check in toward end of season. Okay, have a good day.

David H21

My point was that you indicated that 6 starters were “recruited from other schools”. That is factually wrong. There are 4 starters who weren’t at Moeller as freshmen. I won’t argue with you about how or why they ended up at Moeller, since that is open to interpretation, but the numbers are the numbers. It sounds like you might have an inside track with the Moeller AD, so maybe you can enlighten us more on what is really going on there.
Doesn’t matter. We don’t agree. Nothing wrong with that. In looking what I wrote I was too harsh in my previous response to you and I feel bad about that. I’ve never posted on here until recently but I actually don’t have time or energy for it. But wanted to make sure I apologized to you. So this is long way of saying I’m sorry. Okay, have a good day.