Let's start a good thread. List something positive today.


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I would like to up date this. I ordered this part on Nov 17 2022 with the promise of it being in the warehouse on the 28th of Nov and shipped as out to me soon as possible. It is now Jan 5th 2023 and after several phone calls and broken promises I have been informed the item is on the UPS truck and is heading east soon to be at my house. Anyone want to bet that this item I have wanted for over a year will arrive damaged?
It is a good thing I did not get anyone to bet with me box came a little beat up but the fragile part inside was unhurt.


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Bought myself a Camera Drone - DJI mini 2 ..... Wow 4K and the Pics I can take are Absolutely Amazing

I wonder if I can use it to run Up & down a Stream and see where the Steelhead are pooled up and shorten my fishing Time ?


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How about the Director of Golf from my club in Ohio is coming to visit tomorrow in Florda? We will play golf and neither of us will cheat.
From what your director told me you are right no cheating and he gave me two reasons. One he watches you very closely so there is no chance of you cheating and the most important after that is he does not have to cheat to take you down, something about easy peasy I think he was the comment. Tell me did I hear right?


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Boardman Police solved the 1972 murder of a 12 year old boy.



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It is great not being the laughing stock of the world.

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Well in the last few days we have hear praises given to Lebron James for scoring points and Joe Biden for giving a State of the Union speech. Do you see any similarities between these two men? You would not think there would be many between a 6ft 9in 250 pound super star in his 30's to a maybe 6ft thin almost 80 year old President. But I found out there really are some.

1. Both James and Biden are the leaders of there respective teams.
2. Both have been described lately as being passed their prime.
3. Neither James or Biden will be seen going to a Trump rally anytime soon.
4. Both James and Biden have without a doubt a closer relationship with China than many people would prefer.

Think about this. Can you think of any more?