Expressions that I'm sick of hearing

Newspeak: Went missing. WTF We knew not to take "dissapeared" literally. Stop it already!!!

Peoplespeak: Top Dollar. I don't know why. Maybe, because it's a damn lie. :)
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Half the DB has their notepads out reading this thread.

Most of what comes out of football color announcers' mouth. Always trying to make their signature statement, throwing crap on the all hoping something sticks. A few Yappi posters like that.

^9%$*ability should be fireable.

If Madden said it, it belongs to Madden and anyone he designated in his will. No one else gets to say it. Big Uglies. Madden.

What's the one that comes out of food reviewer's mouth.... I have a mental block on it just to save me from jail.. Yumshoush, no.., .. ah, ooey gooey. That's a slapping offense.
in general: 1) "thinking outside the box" 2)

politics: 1) when talking about politicians who are being paid (legally and illegally) -- "public servants" 2) "safe space" 3) (fill in the blank) "__________ is racist" (if everyone and everything is racist --- nothing is) 4)

sports: 1) "he needs to stay within himself" 2) "he lets the game come to him" 3) at the end of a game -- "just let them play" (fouls are fouls at the beginning and at the end of games) 4)
Have a good one


I've been disrespected (translation: I wanted my arse kissed and it didn't happen.)

Almost forgot.....all the stuff you hear back and forth from the knuckle draggers regarding ohio state and michigan. Take off your Walmart jersey and shut up already.
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"In the X space" as in when someone says "So and so does a good job in that space" daily living:
Enjoy the grind
Be the hardest worker in the room
The only easy day was yesterday
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take
Or, when some meaningless stat is mentioned about how many shots Michael Jordan missed in his career, as if it somehow translates into one's personal life in a nonsport setting.
Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
Hump day
Staycation, or most any new portmanteau that seem to pop up daily anymore
Breakfast nook

Sports idioms:
"He's got a motor that never stops"
"he/she is a gamer"
TV and print ads that say "level up your X" whether it's wardrobe, some piece of sports equipment, etc.
"l'il" in place of little. "Here is my l'il gym"

Football cliches i hate anymore-
When a running back jumps up after a good run and makes a feeding motion like a soup spoon from a bowl
When a wideout makes a first down after a catch, gets up, runs about 5 yards away and extends his arm because his team gota first down.
When a defensive player makes a good stop, gets up shaking his head like 'don't bring that in here'
Every 3rd player having long hair sticking 8-12 inches out the back of helmet.

Yes, I am oldschool. Oh wait, I hate THAT one, too. LOL
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