Deer Park ?

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My personal favorite is a little known exception (need to hire an attorney) if you transfer from a private coed school to a private all male school that counts as a "change in academic" environment or something . . . Moe has used this recently.
A change in academic environment
A Change in families religious beliefs

there are a few our there that baffle the mind but who is OHSAA to say i guess (not want to get them selves in a law suite i guess)
Deer Park has had a lot of COVID cases effecting students and staff. The whole football team is in quarantine along with about 40% of the freshman class. The JR/SR High school has gone full remote till the 9th hence the no athletics till they go back to a hybrid system on the 9th.


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Gentry has resigned at deer park due to unforseen health circumstances. Wally vickers has taken over the program


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I guess those who said that Gentry would NOT be willing to continue coaching DP, without significant continuing infusions of high-quality players from outside the district, were correct...