Best storyteller songs?

So definitely not on par with Edmond Fitzgerald, American pie but this song haunted me as a kid. I had to know the the whole story but didn't get good explanations or didn't put it together until later?

This song might be my favorite, at least in late November?
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The Fresh Prince
Girls of the World aint Nothing but Trouble
Parents just don't Understand

Ice Cube
Today was a Good Day (explicit)
My Summer Vacation (explicit)
In the early to mid-seventies there were quite a few accidents in our area that claimed the lives of young people. I was only about eleven when this song came out and I thought it was written for them.

Cat's in the Cradle was the first song I thought of.
Same here.

I heard it a few days ago and reminded me of this song:

Or, was it the other way around? :unsure:

Some other father/son songs...