Best Ohio High School Wrestlers That Never Won State


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Name some of the best Ohio guys that never could out the samp on a phenomenal career with a title, big names for me are Tariq Wilson, Edgar Bright... Name some guys and list criteria
Brian Dolph and Dan St. John. Both ncaa champions that did not win state. Depending on your criteria you could also say Assad With two fargo titles also.


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Brian Dolph and Dan St. John. Both ncaa champions that did not win state. Depending on your criteria you could also say Assad With two fargo titles also.
Daniel Dennis. Now on the Olympic squad and lost an NCAA championship that was all but "in the bag"....


Conversation here is more directed towards Ohio wrestlers I presume.

I'd say those two NCAA champs in Dolph & St. John as well.

Two other points that merit consideration in the discussion:
*who "blocked" them from winning (i.e. St. John & Dolph competed in AAA in the 80's, which meant a very tough field was likely to be in their weight class)
*did they just develop into stardom at a point later than high school (i.e. Dennis from Illinois, who was lightly recruited coming out of high school and went to Iowa for next to nothing on the scholarship side of things)

Dave Bolyard is another one who has to be up there based on high placements in high school, national production while in high school (Fargo, etc), and then an AA in college.


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In recent years:

Pierce Harger, Moeller (D1 AA, injury kept him from being 2x AA)
Kagan Squire, Wadsworth
Edgar Bright, St. Eds (both lost to Joey Ward of Moeller in the state finals)
Austin Assad, Brecksville


Michael Lybarger from Mt Vernon, 2x runner up in HS won a NCAA D2 national title at Findlay

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the late great coach Gene Gibbons, 3X state runnerup at 155 for Cleveland West --won NCAA title at Michigan St, was Olympic alternate too i believe.


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High honorable mention to Tony Decesare( 6th, 2nd, 2nd, 4th). Not bad considering he placed as a freshman competing in D1, beating future champ Jon Furnas.


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Austin Assad immediately came to mind (Fargo champ) ... time will tell how his college career unfolds.

Tariq Wilson ... similar situation, with his college career not yet started.

I wasn't as familiar with Ryan Fields ... Wow, what a group of guys to lose to!

Correction -- Edgar Bright was beaten in the semis by Jake Ryan in his Sr. year. Although he was surely a HS stud, his disappointing career after that would have me say he isn't on the list.


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Dolph and St. John are the big two answers. Both were in the same weight class that was won by Monty Dagley. The great Mike Carpenter in that weight as well. Charlie Jones (Sandusky) is another NCAA champ (and third) for Purdue that never won a state title.


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Markus Scheidel with two tough losses to Collica yet a Fargo national champ , 3 time NCAA qualifier and soon to be Ivy League graduate. Hopefully Markus will afdd all- American to his credentials next year. Likely high on Columbia all times wins list and a presumptive team captain next year as a senior.
I could be wrong but I believe Steve Sletvold from Fitch won a HS National Championship but not a state title in the late 90's.... Great Wrestler.. I remember his match against (I believe) Bo James from Akron Springfield in the Perry District... One of the best matches I ever saw