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  • Josh - you should delete the jordan thread - one thing we don't need is political bull being spewed to wresting -
    Hey bucksman, Any idea why the Iowa OKST thread got locked up? Not that anyone owes any explanation, just curious.


    Mike Phillips
    Hi bucks man.
    Do you know who manages this thread?
    “Against the wind” should be banned.
    Not nice, a troll that looks to irritate and say stupid things. Do you agree?
    Thanks Tim Tusick
    I read in the paper that Edison 120 pound senior Burns broke his collar bone in the league finals Saturday. Season ended. Sad to see that happen to anyone.
    Bucksman Why are most of the threads on here about opens, tournaments etc.. in the wrong forum?
    Hi, will you lockup or delete the thread that I started about bad match day coaches.

    Nothing good is going to come from it. Thanks
    Josh, Great article on the State Duals! Personally, I thought the way it was run by the coaches 5 yrs. ago was much better; with the only shortcoming being the three divisions were wrestled at different sites. Not really sure this affected attendance as the venues were more intimate and fan friendly. Would be interested to hear your comments comparing the two formats. Thanks!
    On another note, I heard through the grapevine that Jordan will be at 160 for Rootsown at sectional. George will be at 182. Boyle at 220. I'm waiting until I get an official notice from Coach Kline before I mention it online.
    If possible give me until Sunday night to get sectional previews up for Alliance before you sticky a post with someone starting a thred with nothing but a request for weight breakdowns. I get a dollar per thousand views if I am the thred starter. Not much but it will pay my gas to the sectional and district.

    Thanks if you can wait. I'll start another by tomorrow afternoon.
    Just to let you know about Eastwood wrestlers this year.
    145 Mitchell Davidson
    152 Michael Burket
    160 Andrew Caris
    170 Hunter Sutton

    Joe Wyant
    Eastwood HS
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