Best Ohio High School Wrestlers That Never Won State


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...funny thing is too, he wrestled on a Univ. of Ariz. squad (yea, you know...that state out there next to Calif.) that featured 5 starters from Ohio:
Taylor Young of Sidney (118), Dave Riggs, Akron Coventry (126), Chris Coffing (for 1 year, at 142/150), Tom, at 150 and Keith Foxx, (Akron Coventry?)
at 158.
I'm with the guy a while back though that said that this list has to start and end with non-champions who went on to make AA in college...and that apparently is a pretty short list.


Yea it’s tough comparing eras & weight classes. I’m a bit younger best I ever seen not win a state championship was Matt Delguyd 189 189 215 4th sophomore yr 2nd JR year lost 2-0 on stalling points to Jeff Clemens HS national Champ. . & if you’re an Ed’s fan lost 3-1 Matt Koz in the finals 3x state champ. after beating KOz twice that year once pinning him. Some thought Koz Delguyd 2002 best in the country. & Flow wrestling magazine ranked him 4th all time to never wins title. Maybe I’m biased him & my bro are best friends. Best team mayfield ever had finished 2nd. 160-Heavyweight all in the finals & all lost lol. My bro couldn’t even start though he was projected 5th in the state that year oh well. & It’s much harder to place that high at upper weights when your younger. You could be a future NFL lineman & likely not start varsity on a good team. He was the Best upper weight in last 30 years to not win. Delguyd had the best double leg I ever saw at that weight . He just would freeze wouldn’t pull the trigger if the guy was on his level & relied on defense. Never saw him shoot & get taken down. Anyways Koz went for it & won. Ironically Delguyd beat Koz & Clemens in college &’was an all American at Northwestern. Wrestled with 4x state champ Ryan Lang Saint Ed’s there. Delguyds JR year wrestled Andy Rios Ed’s who finished 3rd that year in a tournament Double leg right to his back pinned him in about 1 minute 20 seconds. That’s how good he could be when being Aggressive!
I had to wrestle Clemens then Delguyd back to back my senior year at a dual tournament at Pickerington North. I got pinned so fast it made me want to quit wrestling. They are both extremely quick for big guys. Personally after facing both I thought Delguyd was the better of the two.


Kevin and Shawn Contos are two of the best non champions I know of. I believe they both lost to 4x state champs each year at state which kept them from winning.