2023 Massillon Football

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I love my Fed Champ shirt....mostly because it annoys these clowns and some coworkers....is winning the Fed in football an admirable accomplishment? Lol....um....nah....it's the reaction I get in NC, Perry and the like.
Not at all, it’s like beating Conotton Valley actually they would give us a better game.
Will the Valdosta game attendance , be more than 2022 week 10 game ??
I do not think it will. Opening week, usually draws a nice size crowd, but not like week 10. I'm not familiar with valdosta area income, To be make the trip.
I'm seeing that general admission is 12.00 dollars,
😂😂😂😂😂 Bro really!!! if you really wanted to kno you could have msg me instead of crying about it ... The ones that wanted to kno just msg me instead 😭
OK Bro.... I'll keep that in mind in the event of future cryptic messages.... (y)

And my post was not directed specifically at you.... Many others have posted similar types of messages which are very frustrating.....
Heard Massillon is getting some new transfers across the county this year. Will it be enough to defeat TCC and Hoban this fall?
Eds is going to be spitting fire, but we have a few extinguishers. Valdosta should be a great game. I can't see us losing more than 2, 3 at the most if it's in the finals.
If we can just get past those rubber city hobos. This may be Moores best squad. I'm pumped!
Is Lewis really leaving alliance and coming to Massillon? That’s a hard spot to replace.
Nobody leaves anywhere and comes to Massillon, we go out in the black suburbans and kidnap the families.
Oh and we buy them shoes and phones too! Per the Mck folks.

If I had known this whole time all it took to get a family to move was a pair of Jordans and an IPhone Massillon would be making Hoban’s roster look like amateur hour
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