2021 Ohio State Tournament Forecast Rankings

As far as rankings go the most recent result would be the result that they would probably put more emphasis on. That way you can go by who's progressing the best.


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Division 3 favors Legacy, They have Nine guys and should get 7 or 8 placers along with 2 or 3 champs. I believe Edison should get 9 qualifiers. Not sure how many placers. Should get at least two champs. It’s just how many guys can get on the podium and match Legacy. It could be a tight upset for Edison or a clear championship for Legacy or anywhere in between. Should be an exciting race.


You score is wrong ..it was 7-2
Mason is 22-2 for the season his only loses are Vanderhorst and Doran (Which he should have never lost, his head wasn't in the game)
Example: Luke Stroud wrestled Kobe Epperly (NR) and won 2-0
Mason Wrestled Epperly (NR) and won 8-1 🤷‍♂️
That’s not how rankings work... Billy beat Joey and tommy lost to both billy and Joey but Tommy only lost by 1 point and Joey lost by 3 points so Tommy shoul be ranked higher. 😂


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Great job Bucksman.

Just a small typo : D-1 195 : Ben Bickerstaff, Maysville. I think you meant Marysville.

Speaking of Maysville in D-2. I would have ranked Smitley ahead of Stillion based on his 11-3 major decision over Stillion in Muskingum Valley League finals. You may have had trouble getting the results based on the fact the Muskingum Valley League is in the middle of nowhere. Hope to get electricity and running water in the near future!


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Looks like a lot of good matches in D3. Can’t wait for so many matches.

To many to list possible matchups.

Who is gonna win the rematch between Mattin and Lacure?
My money is on Mattin!


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i see why you would take mattin, mattins are just different, but the room for improvement with lacure has obviously been an immense amount. i’m taking lacure, gets the major against what was #1 in the state? #AndNew#1


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Yeah I’m looking for Mattin to bounce back for a closer match. But if I was putting money on Mattin over Lacure then it would have to be the odds in Vegas.


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11. Teagan Hendricks, Greeneview, senior (Troy) PLACED TOO HIGH
12. Kaden Blair, Sherwood Fairview, senior (Rossford) PLACED TOO LOW
13. Jacob McHood, Mogadore, junior (Garfield Hts) PLACED TOO HIGH
14. George Hoover, Barnesville, senior (Coshocton) PLACED TOO HIGH
15. Ezekiel Burkholder, Lima Bath, junior (Troy)
16. Brayden Doran, Preble Shawnee, sophomore (Troy) TOO SOON TO TELL

Mason Esterline should be around #10 or #11
He had 1 lose that shouldn't have happened and it dropped him in the rankings but that should change at Sectionals and Districts.
I am sure that Bucksman and Borofan get a lot of angry dads like this in PMs and emails all the time.

But this is the first I have seen come right out in the forum and be like “my kid is far better than you think! These other kids you have rated why too high!”

I guess if your goal was to prove just how delusional you are and how much you are living through your kid, congratulations you accomplished your goal.