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  • Hey, Mr. RR,

    I would like to see someone like Fox at Nordonia, Grubich at Kenston, Kevin Fell at Elyria, Mark Iammarino at Chagrin Falls (he's a former Solon assistant under Byron Morgan), or Tiger LaVerde at Kirtland (I keep hearing that he'd like to test his talent coaching at a bigger school someday).

    I know that list seems pretty exclusive but Solon remains among the highest-paying districts in the state, so a coaching vacancy would attract many top-tier candidates.

    There is a rumor going around that Rick Finotti of St. Edward would be interested in coaching at Solon. Supposedly, he wants to leave St. Ed's for a public school for the pension benefits. He's a former Mayfield assistant, so he's familiar with Solon and many of its administrators.

    This is just a rumor, so please don't post any of this on the regular forum.

    Hey, Mr. RR,

    I would like an established head coach. Ideally, one from Northeast Ohio and a D1 or D2 school, though I certainly would welcome a smaller-school coach with great credentials. I would like someone with playoff success, I think that's very important. And I would like some who can create excitement and enthusiasm, both in the halls of the school and in the community. Solon's biggest problem in recent years has been declining numbers, and the fact that many of our best athletes are quitting football. Solon desperately needs someone who can win those kids back and make football a positive experience.
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