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    2022 VASJ Vikings Football: Official Thread

    Who is VASJ supposed to scrimmage in August? Any returning players or newer kids to look out for? How has the team looked thus far?
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    Scrimmage Schedules?

    Can anyone tell me what dates scrimmages are gonna be on during the first two weeks in August? Looking to catch some preseason previews. Additionally, are there any scheduled for Saturday, August 13th? (At least in the Northeast Ohio area)
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    2022 VASJ Vikings Football: Official Thread

    It's less than a month from the start of the season. Is there ANY word on where VASJ is gonna be playing their home games this season?
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    My 2021 high school football summary

    Can't wait to see what you have in store for 2022!
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    Anyone have the scrimmage schedule for the first two weeks of August? Wanted to check out some of the teams before the start of the season.
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    Portage Trail conference

    Who do Warren JFK, Mogadore, and Southeast have returning?
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    Week 1: Which game(s) are you headed to?

    8/18: Glenville at Akron SVSM (gonna be one of the top games on Thursday night) 8/19: Brunswick at Cleveland Heights 8/20: Dover at Lake Catholic (more than likely gonna be my only time seeing Dover this season)
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    Division 4 Region 14

    Glenville's got some solid athletes. IMO they need to get at least one non-con win this year, at least to help out with playoff seeding. Once again, they're gonna run the table in the Senate, although they only beat Rhodes, 22-0, last year.
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    Who Wins D4

    I believe they had only one senior and six freshmen.
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    2022 Week 1 Open dates and most Exciting Week 1 Matchups

    Brunswick at Cleveland Heights. Should be a solid matchup to kickoff the season.
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    Numbers for Competitive balance

    Honest to God, I can see the following schools move up to Division I: Avon, Massillon, Green, NC Hoover, Fitch And the following schools moving down: Solon (their population has leveled off in the past few years), POSSIBLY GlenOak? What schools (at least in the Cleveland/Akron area) do you...
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    St.V-St.M 2022

    To get things on track: Week 1, I plan on seeing the St. V football team take on Glenville. I know that it's mid June, but who are some returning players for the Fighting Irish? And where is the best parking at Green Street Stadium? I've heard that the views are pretty picturesque, especially...
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    WRC expansion

    Could see Brush going back to the WRC (if Shaker could go back to the GCC, anything is possible). With the right class, the Arcs could be a contender in the conference in football, plus the rivalry with Mayfield. Maybe they join the WRC in all but basketball, or some sort of arrangement like...
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    Mentor Football 2022

    Who is Mentor scrimmaging this pre-season? I saw them in a three-way scrimmage against Kenston and Warren Harding.
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    2022 Open/Unknown Weeks

    Chardon/Col. DeSales rematch of the 2020 State Title match is the best option for Week 7. If they wanted to meet at a neutral site, either Wooster or Ashland could work.