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  • Hey Mr. RR,

    I would like to see someone like Fox at Nordonia, Grubich at Kenston, Iammarino at Chagrin Falls (he's a former Solon assistant under Byron Morgan), Kevin Fell at Elyria, Tiger LaVerde at Kirtland (I keep hearing he'd like to try coaching at a bigger school someday). I know, it sounds as if I'm asking for a lot. But Solon remains among the highest-paying school districts in the state, so the Comets would have no trouble attracting top-tier candidates.

    One rumor going about is that Rick Finotti from St. Edward would be interested. I have no idea if that's true. The story is that he'd like to take a public school job for the pension. He'd previously assisted at Mayfield, so he's very familiar with Solon and some of its administrators.

    Please don't say anything about this on Yappi's main thread, because this rumor is completely unsubstantiated.

    Tell me if you think any of these coaches would work:

    Jarvis Gibson (Shaker Hts. head coach) Took a struggling Red Raider program to the playoffs in 2013. He also coached the old Cleveland South Flyers to their lone postseason appearance, and I believe he won a state title with St. Peter Chanel.

    Rodney Decipeda (John Hay head coach) Helped John Hay get to the postseason and would be able to turn the kids into men.

    Of the candidates I've listed, which one do you think would best meet the credentials that you listed and why?
    Hey MetaComet, I read your post, and I agree wholeheartedly that there needs to be a change.

    Who would you want as head coach for the Solon Comets football team, and who are they playing next year?
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