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Thanks for the thumbs up. With that said, you need to quit making personal attacks on Yappi. Show some more maturity.
Best of luck.
Hey Coach,
Not sure if you got my email but we have an opening on Friday January 21st in our Dual tournament. Right now its Twinsburg, Waynedale, Streetsboro, Pickerington North, Cloverleaf, Trinity, and St Eds Green. We start wrestling at 2 and we are done before 9. If you have any interest let me know
You may know the answer to this.

In 1991 Kent Roosevelt played Barberton at Barberton for the Metro League Championship. Kent came in 9-0 on a 22 game win streak and Barberton came in at 8-1 when the had LaFluer at QB. Who did Barberton lose to earlier that year. Was it Stow?

I was at that game as an 11 year old kid.

I was talking with someone and we didn't know who Barberton lost to that season.
Did Walsh ahve a different RB at the start of the year who got hurt, the kid last night was really good!
Maybe he has learned his lesson and this will be his big hand slap/
The only way for him to learn is a permanent ban!
The traffic pattern on 303 is no better, fyi

I think you know my East Blvd comment was a pun for you, I grew up at 93-116 & Kinsman
That tight Bedford road was incredibly congested when coming to the game. Nice place though.
Mistake people make coming form Cleveland is getting off at rt 82 instead of Rt 8 and turing on Highland to come in from the south, much easier, fyi
Joe, I asked a very close friend who has a Senior player on the team about JT.
Here is his exact response: Officially he can practice next week. I'm not sure anyone wants him to with a full ride to Cini on the line. He also said Many guys coming off of injuries and back on the field. O-line has some nagging injuries .
Joe Schmo
Thanks for the insight. Definitely a tough choice for JT. Tough when you have so much on the line but also want to make a run at something that was so close last season
You said the OC came from Mohawk. Ritzler's OC was a Findlay guy as well. You positive he is not the same? Spent last year at Mohawk? Just curious because he looks the same (big taller guy) and his concepts look the same.
Ok, who signals in plays? Ireland? It looked that way?
I think Ireland is in the box. Good chance it’s Matt best. Who in reality should be the oc. Guy was the oc at Kenton with the mauk brothers
Ok, reason I ask is because last night I saw one guy signaling and I was watching on TV. I know that everyone in the TRAC from Toledo used to know Findlay's signals. The old OC used to stand all by his lonesome and he had the simplest signals in the world. P-burg looked like they were going to the ball on the snap to me (as if they knew what was called before it was called). Just saying, between us.
Are there any upcoming freshman that will get some playing time this year. I heard good things about the running back from lake view?
He is very good. There are a few in front of him at RB I believe but I can see him getting in the field on defense first. There is also a CB/WR that is going to be a great one that will play this year. Also 1 or 2 linemen that will contribute.
I’ve heard of a upcoming qb that will be a freshman. Would he see playing time on the field?
As a backup probably. The starter is a soph.
Talked via IM with my friend , Here's what he said about Paul. They are still good friends , Paul was tough as hell, Had a few problems and had to leave OSU after a few years. Paul still lives in Toledo area so you might be able to locate him via a social media outlet.
Those guys from that 74-78 era of OSU Wrestlers are very tight to this day.
Thanks for the info. I may send him a friend request on Facebook. I saw his page out there and he has posted a couple of pictures of his wrestling days at Stritch. Had not heard he ran into some problems down at OSU - but that tends to happen a lot. I don't remember him as being a particularly studious type of guy, but that was before High School when I knew him.
I came across the Ernie Simpson post and I am searching for any information on dates he was at some of these schools. Do you have any information to assist me?
I think you sent this to the wrong person. Ernie Simpson?
Who is your source that said Peterson put up about 30 points in the Federal League's tournament championship game?
Bull GreenDog
Bull GreenDog
Probably the Federal League thread. Someone posted a video of highlights from the middle school championship.
Gabe is still behind Jess Adamson's 63' 5 3/4" put from 2013 at the Midwest Meet of Champions, but I'm pulling for him. Someone I know who saw his 62-10 @ LaSalle says he expects 65-66 feet this year from Gabe from what he saw.
I could not find the list and thought 62 would have hit the top 25. I am pulling for him
One of my son's friends was a D1 1b this year. Already in the transfer portal. One of his complaints had to do with widespread use of PEDs. Wanted nothing to do with it. Is getting out and going JUCO down south.
Seems like a common theme in college that the coach wants the players to put on weight. Some take shortcuts and other prefer to work. My kid put on 20 lbs by eating tons of protein and hitting the weights hard. PED use goes back a long way and there really doesn't seem to be any testing at the D2 level. Good for your son's friend for doing the right thing. Hope your son found a place to play this year.
He is pitching for a Juco in Illinois. It was a perfect fit for him. I am a huge fan of Juco's