Will OHSAA consider increasing contact days for spring coaches once things open up?


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Would love it in July. HS teams could do a little season with other area teams.
I think that would be an interesting idea.

You could also find out what teams would be interested and then play a single elimination tournament throughout the Summer. Play the games on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid the travel team conflicts. They could even do this entirely on their own without the OHSAA's involvement.


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There might be insurance issue with graduated seniors too. The best thing Dewine could do is open the darn fields up. After May 1st, things are going to be a lot like they were before in terms of behavior. Maybe some masks, maybe some social distancing but there are going to be crowds going to the stores


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Would love it if HS softball and baseball coaches could have more contact days this fall if things open up.
Snodgrass is thinking about making no contact period stricter/longer. Also removing the 10 day summer provision...


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I think if I read it correctly, kids can play with their club teams now if their club teams are playing. Just no contact with school coaches until May 31, also extending the season till August 31 instead of July 31st. Doesn't this mean that teams with more than five ball players can stay together longer?