Well Traveled Mauro Returns To Ohio To Coach Fairview


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So now we aren't just talking about the Fairview program possibly being "devastated" by this hire, we're also talking about betrayal. Jeez louise y'all are dramatic. Give me a break with that holier than thou nonsense. My two cents are that if you complete your one year contract and change jobs, or change jobs after serving your best for 2-3 years at a school... that isn't disloyal. That's fulfilling your terms of your contract. People change jobs all the time and yet we still function as a society. If any football program or business falls apart because one person in your organization left, well, your organization wasn't very strong to begin with.
consistency and continuity is crucial for many teams to succeed, so if there is a lot of staff turnover its usually doesn't allow for long term success. Now, maybe just turnover of the HC but most key assistants stick around you have a chance. But continuity might be more important.


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I'm a WBL guy. Not even associated with Fairview and don't know Mauro in any personal or professional way. I think a lot of these comments show antiquated views and expectations of how school staff should not only do their jobs, but also exist in their jobs. That's been the premise of most of my posts. I'm not a bitter individual nor do I come to these discussion board to air any grievances; but I do consider myself practical and hopeful. With that said, I wish Mauro and Fairview all the success and well wishes. The kids certainly deserve it after this past year.


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Big talker....."I am here for the long haul".....watch out and best of luck Fairview. I read through him the first time I met him.
Care to elaborate? Former Morrow county resident here. I was hoping things would change when he took the job and brought in the former Pleasant Coach (Kubbs) to assist.


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Meh. The schools have no problems ditching coaches for all kinds of reasons. Not sure why the Coach has to have some higher level of loyalty to a school then a school has to a coach.
true, I forgot that side of it. one angry board member and its all over.


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How about Earnie Simpson vs. Bob Olwin for most Head Coaching jobs?????

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Care to elaborate? Former Morrow county resident here. I was hoping things would change when he took the job and brought in the former Pleasant Coach (Kubbs) to assist.
A simple google search and a review of how many places he has been says enough about a person. I knew a guy who played for him and said to watch out for the guy. All nice and involved, but looking for the next best thing and about himself. A lot of people had drank the Kool-Aid......and found out what he was really about when he up and left.

Chris was a nice addition of course (Hometown Boy with a ton of experience), but he wanted to help the year or two prior and did not get asked to do so, upset a lot of people in town. So technically Phil didn't bring him in, he just made if official. Not sure if he will be helping or not this fall. Excited to see what the new coach brings to the table.