Week 9: St. Ignatius

Wind holds up the KO
Kirk fields at 15 and returns to the X 35 yard line
Kellom 2 carries nets 1 yard and false start makes it 3rd and 14, pass incomplete
Clark punting (not Klare) ball is downed at the St. Ig 40 yard line
On a flee flicker Kellom laterals back to McCaughey who hits McFalin in the end zone for the 37 yard TD pass
XP good. X leads 14-7

That TD catch gives McFarlin 12 on the season, 1 short of Liam Clifford's season record of 13
Great play call Pfaff hits Lenehan out of back field on 3rd and 4 to take out to Wildcat 35 yard line
After Lyons drops Lenehan for 4 yard loss Pfaff hits Tompkins for 24 yard pickup
Lenehan 2 carries for 1st down at X 31 yard line
Trimble in at NG, he and Lyons and Buerkle force incomplete pass
On 2nd down Buerkle with the sack takes it back to X 43 yard line
Lenehan carries for 4 yards, sets up 4th and 17 and Eldridge on to attempt 53 yard FG with wind at his back is no good
Bombers 1st and 10 on own 20 going against the wind
Vrsansky on the sweep loses 3 and then Kellom dropped for 2 yard loss and incomplete pass on 3rd and 15.
Clark punting from end zone gets it out to the X 43 yard line
Iggy 1st and 10 with the wind
About 7 minutes left in 2nd qtr, X leads 14-7
Not sure if Pfaff has new injury or a re-injury from Week 2 or Week 6 but was playing well with 3 or 4 key completions
Lenehan probably already has a dozen carries for @50 yards
Player injured on the punt return, can't see who it is
Bringing out a board to put him on so taking precautions for potential neurological injury
Incomplete pass, 5 yard rush, then QB sack by Sean Reilly brings up punt
X ball at their own 23
20 yard pass to Klare and 2 yard run by Kellom and McCaughey scrambles for 7, incomplete pass
all brings up 4th and 3 from midfield, McCaughey on keeper is 1 yard short
Sophomore Martin in at RB for Wildcats on this series.
On 3rd and 10 Lyons sacks the sophomore QB.
Punt downed inside the X 5 yard line
McCaughey no gain
Kellom in the wildcat gains 2 yards to the 6 yard line
3rd and 8 Wildcats call timeout
On 3rd and 5 incomplete pass for McFarlin.
X punts into wind out to their own 35 yard line
2 minutes til half
X 14-7
Pfaff to Ward for 10 then Georges on a draw for 8 to the X 14 yard line
Timeout Wildcats with 1:30 to half
Lenehan on the counter almost dropped for a loss by Lyons, gets away and is knocked out of bounds by Kirk 1 yard short of 1st down. 3rd and short timeout Wildcats with 52 seconds to half
Lenehan carries to the 5 yard line for 1st down
Lenehan dropped for no gain by Anderson.
Timeout Wildcats
Pfaff rolls right and hits Tompkins in the end zone for the TD.
Eldridge hits the PAT
and game is tied at 14 (same as Ed/Moe half time score)
Halftime Observations: wind is affecting kicking and passing games, Lenehan likely with close to 100 yards rushing mostly on 2nd and 3rd effort, X is getting routine pressure on Pfaff who has hit on 4 key pass plays for 1st downs and the TD at end of half. Iggy looks like a different team than last Saturday
3rd quarter X with the ball going against the wind (will have it in the critical 4th qtr)
Rough 3 and out start for the offense: Kellom no gain, McCaughey scrambles out no gain and incomplete pass on 3rd down
Punt to midfield
Pfaff deep ball to either Muresan or Tompkins to the X 6
Lenehan no gain, pass to corner of end zone incomplete but X called for PI
Half distance to goal makes it 1st and goal from the 3. Lenehan for 1 yard. Fumble on exchange and Buerkle falls on it!
X ball from their own 2 yard line.
McCaughey scrambles for 7 yards
Kellom for 2 yards
Houston in at WR
3rd and 1
Quick hand off to Klare is short
4th down X to punt into the into the wind
Klare punting fielded at 45 and dropped right there
On 1st down Pfaff goes deep to Muresan for the 47 yard TD pass, XP good
Ignatius leads 21-14 halfway through the 3rd quarter
All scoring I believe has been with the wind at the teams back
Kirk nearly intercepted the pass on the previous Wildcat drive that stalled at the goal
Never seen that short yardage play that failed when Klare took quick hand off as he was running past McCaughey
Bombers from their own 23 trailing for first time in game
Kellom right side for 3 yards
McCaughey incomplete intended for Klare
Fogler in now at LT.
Opposite side screen to Kellom only gains 3 yards
Klare punt.....good punt into the wind downed at Iggy 27