Week 6

^ I never saw your kid play soccer but if she plays as well as she runs, she’s pretty good. Great runs by her at Mason last week and cedarville last night.
Milford is just so good, I'm not real familiar with Oak Hills but 4-0 seems like an impressive score against them. A high caliber Ohio Elite ECNL forward in Manning, 3 high caliber Ohio Elite ECNL midfielders in Cook, Smith and Scanlon. I think Scanlon is just an absolute game changer. Stats aside she is just flat a baller. Those girls are all very talented. Manning, Scanlon and Smith all play together on the same team in the same roles and have great chemistry, Manning is super creative and knows how to finish, Cook is fast, and Smith always plays so consistently well. You can't focus on just one player because they all have great skill, awesome off the ball movement and solid speed. Nobody is unbeatable but Milford is a tough draw this year for anyone. I know I would not want us to play them, that's for sure.

If the state poll voters are actually paying attention, and they are usually not at this point in the year, they should have them at #1. We'll see. But in my opinion, they unquestionably deserve it. Next Saturday they play a great defense in MND for their 3rd game in a week. Hopefully we can make it. So many of Sam's club teammates and friends on both great teams.
Spot on. The game vs MND should tell us more, and I'd give Milford the slight edge. Springboro should be in the conversation as well. They are on a roll.