Was this a double-dribble?


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Not double dribbling, it was traveling. Not sure about daring anyone either, I think he was just being careless. Even he acknowledged it was a bad missed call.


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This was an obvoious oversight by the official, but in the NBA, and many fans don't realize this, the officials have discretion on calls that do not affect the overall play of the game. People just go bonkers over these things and I don't get it. He was not being pressured, it was not a high impact moment in the game. Play on...


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So in this case the rules just don't matter? That's precisely why the NBA game sucks nowadays...the refs call about half the stuff that they should...but then call everything in the final 2 minutes. And then we get into International play, where the game is called correctly, and we get called for travelling on dunk attempts. It's basically sports entertainment nowadays, just like WWE wrestling.