the elder hype?

Didn't Meyer play against CJ with the concussion from the X game and score on a header? He was then forced to sit out the IH game after admitting to his coaches what the MD said?

He was "shut down" by Badin, right? Only had an assist in the 3-0 win? How many guys were marking him that night?

Sounds like a tough kid. Sounds like somebody who would welcome a challenge.
Elder has to get to Princeton it....teams who think ahead & discount their next opponent. Must be a purple thing!:crush:

I don't think anyone on hear has mentioned Elder looking ahead to Wayne.
It was someone from Wayne looking ahead to the possible matchup vs Elder.
h*ll...why are they looking to either team first? They have to play Kings on Saturday. I know they have one of the top scorers in the city. Never seen him play though.
Elder v. Kings

Post season nerves.....Kings takes them to OT???? WOW....could there possibly be some talent outside of the GCL? :eek:
it will be a great game. i will be at the wayne elder and mason colrein game and im excited to watch what should be two great games.

im goin with these predictions.

Wayne 1 Elder 1 Wayne wins in pks

Mason 2 Colrein 1
i agree with your prediction that mason wins!

now that theyve gotten through a few games they can start to gain momentum and i dont see them losing any time soon!

mason rolls past colerain
well probably a little late
but there is a pretty big game at 11:00 Ursula vs Ursuline
but thats all I know of