The decline of fast food restaurants.

Not to call you out... but that's primarily what mayo is... oil. With egg, some acid from lemon juice, and a little mustard or other type of spice with bite.

And it really doesn't matter what type of oil, any food-grade oil will make a decent mayonnaise.
I've changed on mayo as I've grown older. I never ate mayo when I was young, I don't even know when, but it was on a sandwich once and I liked it, now I choose to put it on any cold cut sandwiches. Don't like it on burgers though.
I agree for the most part, but to some it equates to poor judgment. I work in a place where the hourly workers are constantly bitching about not having enough money for their bills and kids, but they are constantly comparing their new tats and plans to get new tats. So to me, sadly, it’s come to symbolize irresponsibility.
Tattoos have become a symbol for young people in the "my body, my life" mindset. It's shortsighted, an impulse decision. Now some are fine and they look ok, but honestly the sleeve or dozens of tats on a human body looks awful, IMO.
And I've said this forever, most people don't have an earning problem, they have a spending problem. My guess most of these folks eat out alot, they may smoke or drink excessively and spend alot of money on "entertainment". Call me old fashioned, but debit cards have crippled young people's finances. If you have $40 in your wallet to spend, you have $40. With debit cards and credit cards, it's way too easy to overspend.
Oh and another thing, Doordash. People with little money who Doordash?? Why?