Stark County 2022

You are correct. I hope their coach doesn’t truly believe they have strengths in all of those areas… if so, he’s in for a disappointment
I couldn't agree more. I happened to make it to their game against Salem last year in the playoffs and they got handled real well. Hopefully they don't run into them again.
CC beat Green, Perry, Glenoak, Canton S (twice) and Hoban last yr in the regular season? What are you talking about? Plus, they're D3. You clearly have no clue what you're talking about. So I'll correct it for you. They beat up Stark County teams then go on to make deep runs in the D3 playoffs.
CC is facing teams #3 and #4s. Meanwhile CC will throw their #1 or #2.

note* I would hope you wouldn’t lose to Canton South… they haven’t been good for 10 years. Mclvain needs a few more years until they are strong again
the story keeps changing. it went from they get beat up by stark county teams to well they beat stark county teams but it is their 3 or 4 guy. Also, CC beat 1's and 2's on that list. BTW Canton South I put on there just because I was going through the stark county teams. I remember them beating a Vandy commit last yr for Hoban. I don't get the hate for one of the most successful teams year in and out in Stark County.
They are a private school, that is why most people don't like them. Including myself.
drum roll. CCC is highest ranked team in any division. #6 in state. Really no one else in any division very high. I think Jackson is ranked somewhere lower in D1. Marlington is think is in there at d2 lower also. This thread was started with no mention of CCC. Odd.
Central gets Jackson’s scraps and plays against teams with 50 kids in their entire school. Not that big of a surprise
and 2019 when they went to states that yr too. What yr do you want me to go to? I am sure there are some down yrs I could find. You just cant admit it. CCC is a good baseball school with a super small enrollment w/ normally pretty good team regularly going to states and more often than not beating local Stark competition.
They will go far below .500 against Stark teams this year. Mark my words.
That's a lot of excuses. I can't even keep up. Didn't Green make a decent run in the playoffs last year? I am not quite sure you know what you're talking about. It changes to well OK maybe they did beat a bunch of stark teams but here are all the reasons why. Come on.
CCC is not good! I cannot wait for the day you eat your words! Most overrated team in Stark.
Central gets beat up playing in stark county and then goes into the tourney and faces D4 teams. No wonder they make a run every year.
You my sir are a moron. They are D3 and they on the reg beat stark teams.
Edit: I just saw their schedule posted here. Do people even know WTF is going in baseball in stark to be bagging on CCC baseball? I think there are 2 teams that bring home state championships to stark or even get to play in state championships over the last DECADES.
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LOL only team to make it to states last yr but not good. OK. Explain why you think they're so overrated and bad and will be lucky to win 3 games vs Stark County teams? They likely won't be as good as last yr because they got younger but the core is still there.
They are overrated because they have to recruit kids from other schools to compete, play all cupcake in the tournament all the way up to maybe the regional final game, and can not hang with more then half the teams in Stark. Maybe they can beat East Canton and Timken if they still had a team but any team worth anything would run CCC off the diamond.
to be fair GO had a good team in the 90s but overall you're right so I hear. Ha. FYI CCC was only put into D3 relatively recently despite belief here by a few they are D4 and play a D4 schedule. They have always been D4 size though. Actually, schedule hasn't changed. Just the division.
They just lost to another D3 team, that is mediocre at best year in and year out. Would be beyond shocked to see them go to state this year.
They just lost to another D3 team, that is mediocre at best year in and year out. Would be beyond shocked to see them go to state this year.
Beat down incoming