Should boys be allowed to try out for girls teams?


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If girls can fight the system and play football, then why can't a guy try out for VB. It's just as unfair for guys if there is no men's team.
perry1480 - you should like this, what about a girl playing tennis in the spring with the boys team because she played golf in the fall on the boys team (they didn't have girls golf yet). This actually happened and I was friends with the girl but I didn't think it was right. What if a guy wanted to play baseball in the spring, should he be allowed to play on the girls tennis team in the fall?
Yappi... Great scenario.

When I was in school the kids' big decision was baseball or track. The unspeakable rule was you make the best decision and play the sport you were best at. I've never heard of it crossing over into multiple sports I think if NO team is offered for a gender, then legally it is unconstitutional and therefore both gender be legally allowed to play the same sport.

But if you want to play more than one sport and a team is offered for both genders then a decision needs to be made IMO.
If there wasn't organized boys volleyball sanctioned by the OHSAA, I'd agree with you. If a guy wants to play volleyball, he should get a team together. There are no football options for girls however.
McGal, men's vball isn't sanctioned by the OHSAA. clair & co. say 150 schools, then it'll be sacntioned, right now there's about 86. The Ohio High School Men's Volleyball Association is the governing body......
Oh ok.. my bad.. at any rate, there's organized high school boys volleyball. There isn't however organized girls' wrestling or football, so the only option they have is to try and play on the boys team. All the power to the girls who choose to do this. It's tough in many ways.