Region 20 Championship: (2) Milton Union (13-0) vs (1) Valley View (12-1) @ Piqua

who will win

  • Milton Union

    Votes: 40 53.3%
  • Valley View

    Votes: 35 46.7%

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Miamisburg, Kettering. No track you are literally on the field like a college game. Pretty sure there is an eight lane track around Piqua field. Plus you tell me those stands will be filled to capacity? I’d rather play at a venue where the stands are packed and there are rows of people standing to watch the game. What an atmosphere instead of seeing stands half full
I'm very sure Piqua has an 8-lane track around it. They usually host district/regional track meets each year. They have a very nice stadium/facility.


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This is a tough one to pick, my heart says VV but my mind is saying MU. In high school football, it is so difficult to go undefeated, let alone go undefeated and beat the best team on your schedule twice and in the regional final to boot. But MU is loaded with talent and experience and because of an easy schedule they are most importantly healthy. I think this is going to be a great game to watch and I wish it was on Saturday because I would be there. For me personally, it is too close to call but I will be surprised if it doesn't go right down to the wire.


One of the more anticipated Regional Finals in the state. One that many of us expected, a rematch from Week 2. This is going to be a real battle between two teams that deserve to be here and are capable of making it to state. Milton Union is the deserving favorite having beaten Valley View earlier in the season, 24-14. Valley View is capable of competing with MU, and potentially pulling off the victory, but they will have to play mistake free football. One of the costly mistakes in the first meeting came with MU leading 10-7, but VV driving. VV then has a QB/Center exchange issue, turning the ball over on a fumble. MU goes down to score, took a 17-7 lead, and never looked back. I also think the biggest X Factor in this game are special teams. Valley View now has 6 return TD's on the season, including last week. Their punt return and kickoff return teams are a difference maker.

Good luck to both schools. The Dogs have some of the best fans on Yappi. Enjoy the game!


I really hope we get a good location for this game. Should be well worth the $10 ticket.


2001: VV def. MU 75-12
2002: VV def. MU 48-7
2003: VV def. MU 44-0
2004: VV def. MU 52-7
2005: MU def. VV 54-21
2006: MU def. VV 19-14
2007: MU def. VV 22-7
2008: VV def. MU 44-0
2009: VV def. MU 42-20
Teams did not play 2010 thru 2017.
2018: VV def. MU 36-19
2019: VV def. MU 49-48 (OT)
2020: VV def. MU 57-14
2020: VV def. MU 35-0 (D4-R16 Playoffs Round 2)
2021: MU def. VV 26-22
2022: MU def. VV 24-14
This would be MU beating VV 3 times in the past 2 seasons. I'm not sure many people realize that.


I think valley views coach should be coach of the year. People don’t understand outside of valley view schools how bad the program got last year and he has done a great job at bringing it back to playing in a regional final his first year. Thank goodness we voted in the right ppl into the school board and they got rid of the woke agenda that was being put into place.
He's done a fine job. He also inherited a senior class that was thought all along to be this type of football team. Last year despite being 5-6, they led every one of those 6 games in the late 3rd or 4th quarters. They really never closed games properly. No question though, he's done a fine job and has helped them meet their potential.


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just asking do those venues host playoff games?

Kettering usually hosts but I assumed they choose not to this year. Centerville and Springboro also host and are nice stadiums. As far as Piqua, it's the sire that was pick and VV will be there as I'm sure Milton will.

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In watching football for over 50 years. I still believe the Valley View and Milton match up in 2019 was the best game I had ever watched. Valley View won 49-48 in OT.


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I agree Rocco. Blake was going for the ball. The ref should not have called pass interference at that stage in the game.
one thing sticks out to me about that game, something happened in overtime that didn’t happen the entire season. oh well- a game that is one of the best in many’s eyes should’ve been won


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19 miles for Milton. 45 miles for VV. Can’t believe that no where else was available. Not saying that it isn’t a great venue but the state couldn’t find anywhere that is a little more equal. Maybe the state needs to offer more incentives for teams hosting playoff games.
I can’t believe it’s not at Welcome.


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I was really hoping this matchup would have been at Welcome Stadium.. I’ve never been to Piqua’s stadium but keep seeing positive comments about it.. VV 31 MU 27

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I'm not sure Welcome was an option. D5 seems to be down the list when choosing a game to host. I'm sure Piqua, being a Miami county school, wanted to host this due to the attendance that would be possible. They basically get $5 per car for hosting. I think the OHSAA is unrealistic in this regard.


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I think Dayton public schools is still in trouble with ohsaa. Wouldn't that be who is hosting at welcome?

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Welcome is a great location but somehow it seems disconnected from a HS environment. They have a pseudo Miami Valley coaches "hall of fame" near the home concession stand and I think they, whoever they are, want the venue to be a HS football game destination but to me it just doesn't capture what other venues offer.

It seems to me Wayne HS would have been a logical choice and is similar to Piqua but then again, Wayne probably wasn't in the mix to host.
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