Pro Bowl

Seriously? That was laughable, embarrassing and never to be watched again.
I agree. Posted about it in the NFL thread. There was injury risk in all those silly events. Best to do away with the entire thing if that’s the best they can do.
I avoided the entire sham, until later. Flipped on the channel thinking local news might be on, saw Pete Davidson laughing with RG3 about something stupid, and immediately flipped away. Nobody needs that.
NFL needs to shake things up for this week. Letting the 2 worst teams play each other.
Both the Bears and Texans have 3 wins. Let them play for that 1st draft pick.
I don't mind them making changes but they should change the name too. Just call it NFL Superstars and bring back many of the same events from the show in the 70s/80s
Did you see all those people out at Vegas? The NFL will never get rid of this shameful event. There will always be suckers who will go to this stuff. They are just another act in Vegas for a week. I"m actually a little stunned there was as much activity as there was. A guy can blow out a knee in a non contact flag football game just as well.