Preliminary volleyball divisions.

Lake Catholic handled all that D1 smoke last year. The rest of the State will live with possibility of elevating their game to compete. Iggy used to kick Southern Ohios butt in football and eventually that changed. Now they just do it in Hockey, Soccer, and Hoops.

If I am looking at this correctly, looks like your team is D5 now - let's hope that referendum passes and hopefully they can move up to D1.

Not saying that lake Catholic didn't have best team last year but no Hubris at all - I would suggest you go back and look at the history of the GGCL & GCL and how these teams have performed over the past 40+ years in the state tournaments. Plenty of examples of GCCL/GCL teams winning state and not winning their own league.
LC is definitely not my team. I appreciated the way they played the last 3 years for sure though. My point is that times change and my guess is Central Ohio is about to make a run across most sports due to demographics.