Players to watch in the EOAC


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Other non football schools include Lordstown, Bristol, Badger, Bloomfield, Maplewood and somebody else I'm missing
Did any of these schools ever have football at one time, or have they always been non-football? I don't think Lordstown ever had football, just not sure about the rest.


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My knowledge is back to the early 00’s for them and I don’t remember them having one, always soccer and cross country seemed to be their thing
I had a coworker who graduated from Maplewood early 90s. He said there was no football when he was in school and no knowledge of football ever. There was some interest in getting football back then, but it never picked up enough steam. Just as Buckeye elite said, the school was soccer and especially cross country. They've produced some good CC teams and had a lot of very strong track middle and long distance runners. They've either won state or come close their fair share.