Ohio State to introduce preferred seat contributions for football tickets in 2022


Go Buckeyes
Ohio State plans to require annual seat contributions for a majority of its football season-ticket holders as soon as 2022.

The donations are to be made by fans for the right to purchase season tickets in prime locations at Ohio Stadium, ranging from $100 a seat to $1,500 for a spot at midfield.

“In its simplest form, what it’s doing is shifting from an annual donation model to qualify for tickets to a per-seat donation model,” said Brett Scarbrough, an associate athletic director for ticketing and premium seating.


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Kentucky has done this for years with season tickets for the different sports. Call it the K-Fund donation. The more you donate, the more K-Fund points you get which leads to better seating and the holy grail of tickets in Rupp for basketball.

I'm mainly a fan of the football team and had season tickets. As life got busier I decided to stop renewing based on the K-Fund donation which basically doubled the cost. Couldn't justify it if I knew I wouldn't be able to go to all the games.