Northwest Ohio Football Talk

Should be required reading to any NWOhio poster before you are allowed to start threads or post freely.
NWORealign-alaitians 1:1 "Thou shalt not have other NWO football threads before me."

I mean, it's pretty much got it all. Voucher debate, "hey, remember ____? whatta stud!" posts, 2011-2015 TRAC football was the best football era, more voucher debate, "who the heII is going to make the NLL equal?" (or alternatively, "there's no way this new NLL lasts"), even MORE voucher debate, etc. etc.
How could I forget! Gotta add their innate connection to BGSU, and the AP/IB (not our IB) debate too. I gotta be missing something else too haha.
We talked about that IB too but we used the white font to talk smack about him. You weren't here yet. Hilarity ensued, he never caught on. Uh oh....

I can't remember who it was, another poster and I actually did that on the old Puddle to some poster was being a derp. I was very immature then. :D

Hey, this can be the talk about the Northwest Ohio Realignment thread, thread! Very meta. We can probably get this one to 300 pages.
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I heard the same. Cline seems like a good guy outside of football, but clearly Defiance has improved drastically since he left, and he hasn't done Pleasant any favors.
The people I know from Pleasant have all said the same thing - while they don't have near the horses in the stable as in the past, they feel like the program has taken a huge step backwards and is very undisciplined.
I've heard they were looking at Kevin Cline, in which they'd need their head examined.
Would not surprise me at all to see it happen. He will definitely interview well and after the train wreck that happened last fall they could definitely use his coaching demeanor for a couple of years.
Names I've heard: Chris Dales, Kevin Kline, Lucas Smith, Tory Strock, Casey Helton, Eric Becker
I doubt Strock would want to head coach again, seems to be doing a ton with black swamp football plus his son is a college football assistant and he goes to most of their games
The GMC, with new coaches at Tinora and Hicksville. Maybe Paulding. Will have Coach Hale at Antwerp as the dean of coaches with 5 years.
Not many leagues have that many new young coaches. With Altimus on staff Antwerp is ahead of the rest. The rest of the league fighting for second place.
Since we're talking GMC coaching, Jon McCord stepped down as head coach at Fairview today.

He told the kids he's staying in as D coordinator and his replacement has been here before, which makes me think it'll either be Bob Olwin or Doug Rakes to replace him.
A nice guy who refuses to discipline anyone at a program with the level of problems Tinora just had this season.

Yeah, that would end well. They shouldn't touch Kline with a 29.5 foot pole.