Nebraska vs Ohio State


Indeed.......Defensive question certainly rearing it's head early after all they lost from last year's team.


Go Buckeyes
Offensive line built to protect the pass. Not a great run blocking line. Still haven't seen anything out of either back.


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Lucky breaks on that drive. Big score and get the ball to start the second half. Hope they make some good adjustments during the half.


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Second launch but the last one, the one against Olave they were concentrating on the fumble because of the previous more obvious target using the helmet. But that was most definitely a launch at Olave's neck. The Nebraska schtick is to launch the pads at the neck. Unlike what the announcers are saying, they ARE launching at the head and neck..


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This targeting BS, I'm so tired of. Makes the sport look soft. Soft society we live in
yeah, those guys are real soft.

I think years of support that those tough guy blind shots to another person's head were turning both players into jello for brains, is enough to find another way for them to show how tough they are. I'll agree with someone saying the rulings are a work in progress.


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Season opener. Bucks' MO is to start looking good mid-season or later. Glad they're playing.
Yeah. No tune up games versus some hapless MAC team to get down timing and gain some experience before playing a big boy. Hanging half a hundred on a Big Ten team in a season opener is good enough for me.


People can take the targeting calls for what they will but Nebraska is a cheap, dirty football team and it comes from the top.