Michigan State Open


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Trying to plan for heading to Lansing next Saturday, and there is no scheduled posted as to the start time. It is 9 days away and all it shows is TBD. Also cannot buy a ticket yet. Tried to go through MSU website. No luck. Really well planned. Must be thinking about working on it after the MSU-UMich football game this weekend. Also see it will be on Flowrestling. Not sure if that will change my mind about going to see it live.

Anyway, looked through the listings of who's scheduled to be wrestling. Here are some of the interesting ones from Ohio or with high national rankings

125 #12 Malik Heinselman; Oscar Sanchez (Ohio U and Genoa High)
133 #5 Lucas Byrd (Top ranked); #6 Dylan Ragusin (UM); Andre Gonzales + Jesse Mendez + Nic Bouzakis (OSU)
141 #9 Dylan D'Emilio (top ranked in field) Cole Mattin (UM); Kyran Hagan (OU)
149 #4 Sammy Sasso ; Alec Hagan (OU;
157 #1 Will Lewan (UM - wasn't aware he is pre-season #1); HM - Paddy Gallagher (OSU); Peyton Keller (OU)
165 #5 Cam Amine; #7 Carson Karchla beside the UM vs. OSU potential in the final; Karchla needs to avenge NCAA championship finish
174 #6 Ethan Smith (top ranked) Sal Perrine (Ohio)
184 #4 Kaleb Romero (top ranked), Jake Evans (NIU), Luke Geog (OSU)
197 #8 Gavin Hoffman (top ranked) Anthony Perrine (Cleve. St); Carson Brewer (OU)
285 #3 Mason Parris (UM); #8 Tate Orndorff (OSU), Nick Feldman (OSU), Jordan Greer (OU)

So 14 OSU wrestlers in the 10 weight classes. Probably other Ohio based wrestlers in the top 5-8 spots for each weight class. Didn't spend much time looking through it. Probably other OSU wrestlers as well.


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Good stuff @OCEagle,

133 A lot to take in if all of our guys go. Plus Byrd(he's a favorite of mine).
141 Nice to see Mattin back this season. Maybe Decatur goes as well.
157 Interested to see Paddy here.
165 Chance to see Karchla v Amine
184 Excited to see Geog. I hope he wrestles.

125 #11 Joey Prata, Oklahoma
133 #9 RayVon Foley, Michigan State; #24 Wyatt Henson/Anthony Madrigal, Oklahoma
141 #18 Ty Smith, Utah Valley; Mosha Schwartz, Oklahoma
149 #15 Johnny Lovett, Central Michigan; #16 Willie McDougald, Oklahoma; #22 Chance Lamer, Michigan
157 #20 Chase Saldate, Michigan State; Corbyn Munson, Central Michigan; Marcus Robinson, Cleveland State
165 #10 Izzak Olejnik, Northern Illinois; #15 Dan Braunagel, Illinois; #17 Gerrit Nijenhuis, Oklahoma; Caleb Fish, Michigan State
174 #7 Demetrius Romero, Utah Valley
184 #13 Matt Finesilver, Michigan; #14 Keegan Moore, Oklahoma; #18 Layne Malczewski, Michigan State; DeAndre Nassar, Cleveland State
197 #12 Cam Caffey, Michigan State; #16 Zach Braunagel, Illinois
285 #15 Josh Heindselman, Oklahoma; #23 Matt Wroblewski, Illinois


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Good stuff. OCEagle & MPhillips. Thanks
Hoping to see these matches:
174- Smith v. D. Romero- Steady eddy vs a constant threat.
197- Hoffman v. Caffey. Hoffman greatly improved, cleaned up mistakes and found his offense with very workmanlike wins & close losses vs. the dangerous Caffey who ain't afraid to let it fly.
Big contrast in styles in these match ups imo. That's the extent of my write up. carry on...


Looking forward to following this event.

As a side note: Since TheMat is officially over, where are all the savvy posters flocking to so I can keep up to date on national news?

CC: @MPhillips


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Looking forward to following this event.

As a side note: Since TheMat is officially over, where are all the savvy posters flocking to so I can keep up to date on national news?

CC: @MPhillips
I thought they were here?

Some college and International stuff here and the Iranian Board; https://indianamat.com/index.php?/forums/forum/20-college-and-international-wrestling/

Intermat Forum is where folks have migrated to. New board, similar look. Only been up a few days.


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From another board.

Here's the list for MSU this weekend.

Competing Attached in Open:
Andre Gonzales 125
Malik Heinselman 125
Brady Koontz 125
Alex Flerlage 133
Dylan Koontz 133
Jesse Mendez 133
Dylan D’Emilio 141
Sammy Sasso 149
Paddy Gallagher 157
Carson Kharchla 165
Bryer Hall 174
Ethan Smith 174
Gavin Bell 184
Kaleb Romero 184
Gavin Hoffman 197
Tate Orndorff 285

Competing Attached in Freshman/Sophomore Division: These will count as 1 of the 5 dates for the RS freshman.
Brendan McCrone 125
Nic Bouzakis 133
Carter Chase 165
Luke Geog 197
Seth Shumate 197
Mike Misita 285
Hogan Swenski 285

*Competing Unattached in Open:
Garrett Lautzenheiser 133
*Jordan Decatur 141
Isaac Wilcox 157
*Bryce Hepner 165
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Only match of note so far (IMO) is Decatur losing to Nolan MICH, FR. I'm sure this guy is decent (3X MICH state champ) but didn't expect this. Before I count out Decatur I'll wait and see what Nolan does against D'Emilio.


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Heinselmen in finals
Mendez in finals v Byrd
Sasso and Gallagher in finals
Smith in finals

Fresh/ soph
McCrone 1st pins in finals
Bouzakis 1st pins in finals
Geog beats Shumate 5-1 in finals


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Thought Geog was better but not by that much. He looked a little winded but if he builds tank he might be eventual starter. Can Shumate get to 184? He is too good a wrestler not to get into the line up.


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I like Geog and look forward to him the next few years. Hoffman wins a SV 6-4. Mendes has looked great. Bouzakis too. Paddy has been good.
Everyone else about what I thought. Koontz had two gutty wins to open. Gonzales is serviceable. Decatur... Tom Ryan demonstrating on the official. Funny stuff. Mitch Moore has been good.