Let's enjoy the Music!

So I started to watch Daisey Jones and the Six, actually a good series so far if you are a fan of '70s era rock, but it had me thinking on that Laurel Canyon scene in the early '70s. Joni Mitchell was probably the epitome of the female singer songwriter that grew out of the scene and Blue is her masterpiece:

Lawrence Welk's only number one song on the pop charts. My dad wouldn't miss the Lawrence Welk show no matter how much we whined and begged him to turn the channel.

That and Mitch Miller in our household. In truth, think pop liked watching the pretty ladies dance.
The Tonight Quintet from West Side Story is considered one of the most brilliant pieces of musical theater ever written & staged, Steven Sondheim & Leonard Bernstein at the top of their games. I agree.

Here is a rabbit hole for anyone that likes live music from the FM radio era, basically live concerts that were broadcast on the radio. Interesting mix of artists.:

A personal favorite is the below Bruce Springsteen show. The sequence of Racing in the Streets>Thunder Road>Jungleland to end the 1st set is top notch: