JFK's coach steps down ?


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There are a couple of guys that I could see being the head coach. Not sure what direction they are going to go. I'm sure there will be some serious interest in the job.
How long was the coach who was there before this guy? what was his name?

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I hate the timing of this for the kids, hopefully they still have someone that’s gonna be on staff for the strength and conditioning for the off season


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have you heard why he is steping down? is he heading elsewhere?
He just stated that he needed to "step away", not sure why. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't end up working with Canfield, but he could just as easily stay out of coaching all together.


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They should reach out to Elder at Avon while they're at it. Another Kennedy man. Doubtful but leave no stone unturned looking for the best.
Kennedy railroaded his brother with the baseball team, plus he has Avon in a really good place. Never in a million years that would ever happen