in the DEBATE forum... lets talk uncle Joe VS Orange man DEBATE in June and September

I find it interesting that our political climate has changed to the point where the PoTUS can refuse to follow the debate protocols that were put into place by a nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates, and used for past 30 years, and instead insist that he will set all of the rules/conditions or he won't participate. The date/time, the audience (or lack thereof), who can (and can't) participate, the host/moderators, the logistics/conditions. The first debate is scheduled so early that the 2 participants won't even have formally accepted their respective party's nominations.

Isn't this behavior teetering precariously on a slippery slope? What's to prevent future Presidents from upping the ante and requiring even more concessions to give him/herself more of an advantage?
Cmon man. Don't you support democracy lol
When Joe surprises you nutjobs and can speak to the issues and trump raves like an aderall addicted nut about his greatest hits you will run to Rightwing media safety and claim it is not real just like after the SOTU. (Those edited videos the Russian Troll farm feeds you are not real)
let me ask, what do you think uncle joe is taking to get to that point where he is not a bumbling idiot?
If either of these doddering old guys would let the other one do all of the talking, they would win. One is arrogant and ignorant, the other is mentally incapable. Just give your opponent enough rope and he will hang himself. But both are too egotistical and unaware of their own shortcomings to let that happen. I don't want to watch. I wish this was a DeSantis vs. Newsome debate. Then we could have real political discourse and choose the right path with a clear conscience. Most American would clearly see the right path is the way to go.

Yes, I said "right path", not "correct path" - they are one in the same. We need the policies that DeSantis and the right want, just without the madman sitting in the Oval Office.
I'd argue that Joe is the dumber of the two...not even taking into account his dementia.
Here is why the debates are really a waste of time. Right at this time people if honest and have listened and watched even a little know Biden's brain is more that just a little gone. Being honest at this time and you are still willing to vote for Joe you will never be convinced to vote for Trump.
Biden is terrible, but his supporters and voters do not care. Their hate of Trump and their lack of caring about the consequences of Bidenomics point out that nothing is going to make a difference to them. So my thought is we R's have to not predict Biden's debate abilities too low. If we do all Biden has to do is show up and not eat paste and we will hear from CNN, the rest of the left leaning liberal fake new media and his supports right here on Yappi a claim he did better than expected and won the debate.
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I would be willing to bet that that the Biden team was PRAYING that Trump would turn down the offer and then they would claim Trump was the one standing in the way. That backfired. Also by having the first one in June long before anyone is paying attention means Biden will have time to try to recover.
I’m not so sure. Trump continuously says he will testify, but ultimately backs out every time. All he really knows to do is perform for his low IQ voters with the same rantings and lies. He will be exposed again in any debate forum.
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I’m not so sure. Trump continuously says he will testify, but ultimately backs out every time. All he really knows to do is perform for his low IQ voters with the same ranting s and lies. He will be exposed again in any debate forum.
Hmm, you seem to have balzz big enough to come into a dump truck. What say you on the advice of your attorney? MSM is for show, court of law is for go. You seem to have an issue distinguishing between to the two. Yet, I am a low IQ voter.

How about turning over the audio recordings of the Hur transcript?
I think the men behind the curtain want the debates early hoping that President FJB poops himself on stage. This will give them time to replace the candidate, and it won't be Kamalalala.

We might even see the 25th amendment come into play. They'll just mover FJB into that TV studio Oval Office permanently. He won't know the difference. Kamalala will be told that she is not the candidate, but her consolation prize will be a move into the big house and she will be the first female president for all time. The public will be told that she is too busy working full time to solve our nation's problems and does not have time to campaign for election.

It could happen.