IH incoming freshman

Why were you guys talking about ted. bolser, he's really good and can probably beat any of u guys for being a fresman, and he was probably better then any of u guys when u were freshman
I was just kidding, i wasn't trying to start stuff, i don't even play lacroosse so i was saying that i wasn't playing, i just wanted to say what people had to say about my friends that do play lacrosse, so everthing is cool, i wasn't trying to start stuff
are there any other good incoming frosh for other schools who could have any sort of an impact on the varsity level? ie fred craig, lucky peterson, sean finegan
I saw the freshman indian hill team play a few times last year. they have what I think is one of the top five defences in the state with Matt W. Andy P. and Roland S. I was very impressed with their team work and speed expecailly with Matt he is pretty small but is agressive and has amazing stick skill for a defenceman. The Ih team had Ted on the attack side and he is amazing he had to do almost all the work last year for the IH. to score.
umm considering Ted was an 8th grader last year.........i dont know what your talking about because im pretty sure he didnt play for a freshman team
their team isnt close to the talent of last years team but have a few good players. they always get compared to the soph. at ih they got 3rd too in state playing the same defence and attack line in all their games and pretty much the same middies. they are good
It is always interesting to see how freshmen handle the big step up form middle school to high school lacrosse. Some big shots in middle school are shocked when they play high school lacrosse but others easily make the transition.
ya i saw matt play on the u-15 team. matt is like marimonts patrick they both could have been great long stick middie on their teams but the teams didnt have enough defenceman. this year i think they will be lsm and really good at it. they are some of the top feshman coming in along with about 5 others billy, ted, roland, jeff, and mitchal but they wont play varsity
top freshman coming to the league
middies attack defence
billy (moeler) ted (indian hill) matt (indian hill)
jeff (marimont) will (moeler) joe (moeler)
kain (indian hill) mitchal(marimont) patrick (marimont)
charlie (indian hill) andrew(laquota) roland (indian hill
these were last years teams so the school part may not be accurate
and i agree matt and patrick could play lsm but they are also great d-men it will be interesting to see were they play on the field this year with matt stick skill speed he will turn out to be good either way along with patrick
use last names i have no idea who matt and patrick are. it is basically a worthless post considering bill ted matt patrick and andrew are all pretty common names
billy wersal for moeler matt wells for indian hill patrick popoles for x ted bolser indian hill thats all the last names i know of hand
ok indian hill beat every local middle school team. i know all teams get injurys but they blue js 2 time the 1st time with a couple of people out they won by 2 the next game they won by 13 against moeler matt wells was out they brought a b teamer in and won by 1 in ot if wells was their it wouldnt even have came closs to ot. what im saying is their better than the other freshman classes
moeler lost a lot of kids to different school i think they lost 3 or 4 starters x has a desent team but all of the ih team is returning. and they won all those games with a shakey golie to say the least but he rarelly got a shot that could hit the gole and ih had 2 or 3 shut outs with him if they had a good golie it would be alot more
this would be my starters
attack:ted bolser(ih) will(anderson) mitchal white(marimont)
middies: billy warsal(moe) jeff moore(marimont) nolan(dayton)
lsm: matt wells(ih)
defence:patrick popoles(x) joe galvin(moe) roland sommers(ih)