IH incoming freshman

i dunno ted bolser is shaping up to be a real prospect he was gonna play varsity last year but then got totally denied by howell what a shame
What a shame, Bolser couldn't play varsity because he was an 8th grader. Give Howell the respect he deserves!!
I dk, Class of 2008 had a lot of talent, but they all played jv. Names like Nick Keriakes, Steve Krawl. and Ross Lockwood, all very good players.
No Indian Hill class compares to that of the class of '06. They were by far the best freshman class and are a very tough class in general. '07 is weak, luckily '08 is better than '07 but they aren't amazing by any stretch. And this years incoming class has bolser who is overrated and is one of them crease monkey dudes.
first of all no freshman will be ready for varsity next year, bolser? are u kidding me, the kid is skinny as ---- and if he gets a stick check ---- break, personally i think the best freshman in the city next year will be Billy Wersal and ---- start out on jv but will have a chance to get moved up to varsity, u gotta remeber these kids were playin middle school lacrosse last year, the jump from middle school to varisty is huge and it is extremly rare to find a player that can do it sucessfully
some can step in right away. fred craig scored 2 times against Georgetown Prep in his second game. and then became a starter and a key to the near title run. and i believe that sean finegan, after getting moved up midway through the season put up some big numbers statistically. other than that i dont know of any other freshman who even played varisty on D1
Fred Craig doesn't count, the kids maturity level is that of like a 25 year old. Hes kind of a freak of nature, and finegan stepped into the right spot at Moeller. Both are very good players but there are very exceptional circumstances for both of them
dude shut up, me and fred both ended up playing over seniors by the end of the season ur just jealous cuz u wernt on varisty as a freshman, and yea fred did mature alot faster than most kids but u cant take away that the kid is an athlete. so stop with ur bs and take it easy
Is this Finnegan, cause if it is and you know who this is, you should know that the post was not deragitory at all. It was actually more complimentary of you and Fred. I was saying you're both amazing athletes and are very rare for any school to have. I have no idea how you could take that post as an insult at all. Most kids would die to have the maturity of Fred and the stick of you. I think you might need to take it easy there killer.
so over rated they suck ive seen thme play played with them and there horrible ted bolser j.v. no freshman make varsity
fred craig is a pick.....i've never liked that kid, he was on the U-15 team as a 7th grader cuz "he thought he was moving", i dont know where i was going with that but ne wayz...yeah he is baller at lax n all, but he's a cocky sob, and if he still has long hair, he prlly still looks like a , i'm not saying long hair is a bad thing, but he is an exception
this is low class, usually when a freshman plays varsity at any level you know the kid can play. Not to mention fred and another freshman.. cant recall the name made the undergrad team.
Bolser will be a good player give him a couple years...the incoming freshman are nothing like the class of 2008 not just at Ih but at moe and X that year is amazing.