Hoban vs Pickerington Central Updates 3/18 (DI Championship)


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We've done it for years in the football forum, now we are going to bring it to the basketball forum. Use this thread to post updates from games that you are attending, watching online or following on social media. Ultimately, would like scoring updates at the end of every quarter and any significant score changes during a quarter.

You can bookmark this thread as it will be the same address for every night of the season. Prior game nights will be moved to a new thread to prepare for each night of the season. Please take the time to post the updates as this can be an exciting thread throughout the season.
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Pick Central has tried to iso Royal in the post a lot in the second half, and Hoban has done a great job of taking that away with extremely physical initial post defense and 2nd and 3rd guys digging in to swipe at the ball if not outright going to trap.


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I don't think Hoban have a very mentally draining semifinal.
No, but IMO they are the best team I've seen here. They have a lot of length and athletic physicality.

Centerville did not have the skilled length that was a difference maker for them the last two years. In a game like this final, it's clear Pick Central misses Sonny Styles. Last year the physical athleticism they had between the pair of him and Royal put Pick Central over the top. While they fielded really good teams, to me both Pick Central and Centerville had better squads last year than this year.