Do you go to Halloween parties

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Don't get me wrong, I love partying and all that. Just terrible at thinking up costumes most of the time.

Thoughts on halloween? Do you partake in the festivities?
When I have more time, I will submit some MS Paint files of potential Pboy Halloween costumes.
I give pboy credit. If I had pledged to never post on the GB again I couldn't hold to it. I would get trashed and forget one night screwing it all up.
I don't dress up because I'm older than 11 years old.

People still have fun on college campuses and tons of people in their early to mid twenties do too. Guess you're too cool :shrug:

Not sure what Im gonna be this year, but were having a party and bonfire
I don't dress up because I'm older than 11 years old.

Go to a party attended by women in cat and bunny costumes. Chick vampires , naughty nurses, dominatrices, French maids, Dorothy from Oz. Get drunk with them.........

......while wearing a stethoscope, and a long white coat with the name "Dr. Feltersnatch" embroidered on the front. You'll change your mind about dressing up for Halloween.

And don't forget the one-finger exam gloves.
About 30 years ago, over a dozen of us were going from one Halloween party to another, in many vehicles. The first to pull out of the street was an open jeep that happened to have two guys wearing dresses in it.

One of the funniest sights I've ever seen was that jeep pulled in to the median strip, with two guys whizzing with dresses hiked up around their waists....