Friday Updates - 11/6


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Chardon ball to start the game, long run on the first play to the 15.
Chardon 1st and goal from the 2
Sammarone apparently banged up already
Chardon Time out

Division III Region 9
Chardon Hilltoppers 7, Canfield Cardinals 0
10 minutes to go in 1st quarter


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Winton Woods with a corner kick after first possession. La Salle starts with the ball on their own 7.

Winton Woods 0
La Salle 0

10:34 Q1


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Canfield returns the ball to about the 20
Canfield flagged for movement, (looked like encroachment to me) back to the 15
Canfield throws an interception
Chardon ball 1st and goal
Chardon rushing TD

Division III Region 9
Chardon 14
Canfield 0

The Butler

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End of the 1st

Massillon - 0
Perry (Massillon) - 0

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Canfield ball under 5 minutes to go 1st quarter
4th and 1 from the 35, Fletcher jet sweep to the 25
Canfield nearly throws another interception for the 3rd time tonight
Canfield flagged for holding, 1st and 30 to go now, now 3rd and 26, 3:18 to go, another communication/route mix up
Chardon ball at the 17(though it went out near the 10, won't matter anyway) under 3 to go 1st quarter


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Newark Catholic 7
Shadyside 7
End of first
Shadyside takes their first possession and drives 95 yes for a td!!