Friday Updates (11/3/23)

Heights 14
Berea-Midpark 0

Last play of half B-M 29 yard completion to Heights 1 on 4th down

Neither team doing much of anything offensively.
Princeton 14
Hamilton 7


Hamilton at about midfield, 4th down, 8 seconds left, goes long and completes out of bounds with one second left. Receiver taunts and loses 15 yards. Hamilton fakes the 44 yard field goal but the run comes short. Was holding anyway. Princeton will receive to start the third. Potentially enormous swing.
St X fumbles at their own 30. Still no score. 4:30 left in the 2nd.
Marshall tiptoes down the sideline for a TD - until it was called back for holding.
Moeller 0
St X 0

2nd and 21
Clock stops after a first down in hs until the chains are set.
Thanks Iveer but not my first rodeo. It does not normally stop a second or two before the play ends. Makes no difference really as this appears to be a bit of a mismatch. Alter has had their best mix of pass and run I have seen in the 3 times i have watched them this season. Unless Indian Hill takes advantage of a couple of mismatches in the passing game, I do not expect they will come from behind. So I am headed to find the 2nd half of what i hope is a better game. Sure wish the OHSAA would cut the playoffs back to 4 or at most 8 in each region. This is a 4 v 5 and not much fun to watch.