Friday Night Updates (8/19/22)

Green 48
Ellet 0

Robbie Klockner 4 yard TD pass to Anthony Manderiene. This is Klockner's 5th TD of the half (4 pass 1 rush)

3:28 2Q
Buckeye 7
Colts 6


colts scored on a long opening drive. Buckeye scored on their first play from scrimmage. 65 yard TD. Other than that play, Colts D has looked pretty good. Buckeye, as usual, is fast.
West Branch 19 Canfield 14
Canfield misses a bunch of tackles and had a blown coverage, absolutely terrible defense
DeShields passing TD to Joe Jackson
Warriors 2 point try is incomplete
Green 48
Ellet 8

Flossie with a long pass to Brown to get Ellet on the board, then finds Simms for the 2 point conversion

2:19 2Q
Anderson 24
Princeton 13

Wyoming 21
Harrison 0

Close to halftimes, all according to Elder Radio halftime show
Green 55
Ellet 8

Robbie Klockner 21 yard TD pass to Jarrett Taylor. Taylor is the 4th Bulldog receiver to catch a TD tonight

1:18 2Q