Friday Finals (9/29/23)

Suburban League American:

Aurora 38, Tallmadge 0
Highland 42, Kent Roosevelt 0
Barberton 29, Revere 12
Copley 48, Cuyahoga Falls 29
St Marys wins 49-12 over Shawnee
I guess they weren’t used to getting their arses beat. Tucking tail and running with 6 minutes to go shows a serious lack of pride. “I’m taking the ball and going home”.
Greatschools reviews are bad, really bad. And people still paying close to 30K.
Is St John's College High School a good school?

John's College High School Reviews. This school develops strong character in its students, like integrity, compassion and respect: Strong emphasis on sports but little on sportsmanship or teamwork.
Green 42, Louisville 7

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Cornell vs. Dartmouth 1940
Yes. Unlike COL HC Bill McCartney (of a very religious persuasion too, at least when it doesn't concern forfeiting games won illegally. *eyeroll*) Red Blaik, HC of Cornell & future head coach of Army immediately forfeited the game when it was brought to HIS attention.