Friday Final Scores - 11/6


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Massillon 43
Perry 13


Refs were garbage tonight, constant unneeded flags. Even a sideline warning with 2:30 left to play, during the running clock. Ridiculous.

7-6 Massillon at half, Perry had a TOP of over 19 mins and Massillon only just over 4 mins in the first half. Big change in the second half, even though, Perry kept the lead in TOP all game. Massillon defense looked like garbage the first half, even though they only gave up one score, they came out on fire in the second half though. I'm sure their coaches lit a fire under their butts. Running clock started with 2:39 left in the game.

Tigers QB had a perfect passing night. They threw the ball a lot more than usual.



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D7 R26

(1) Lima Central Catholic -- 62
(6) Hopewell-Loudon -- 20

Final -- LCC vs. New Bremen in the state semis.
How many yards
Ahhh dont remember exactly but I want to say 25-30 yard range? Avon forced a punt from deep inside Avon Lake territory with about a minute and a half left. Avon ripped off a couple good runs to set up a relatively easy field goal for Avon's kicker. Avon Lake tried freezing him with their final timeout but he knocked it through as time expired.