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Despite the loss of Seniors such as Falhaber and Weber, Finneytown still has a lot of potential to do quite well this year. With the addition of Peter Wright, along with T. Michael, and Furthmiller, there is potential at a strong season. The sophmore class this year is the dominating class of the team. Aside from Indian Hill, FT has a chance at doing well in the CHL.
I think they will finish anwhere from 2-4th. Im not sure that they have improved at all from last year, their doubles will probably not be stong once again

It is true that there is not much depth when it goes to second doubles and such. However, all three singles players are fairly strong. I just don't see a way we can compete with teams like Indian Hill or Wyoming. Those country club schools are just too good. It will be an interesting season to say the least.
Indian Hill has the McCarthys and they would easily beat any Finneytown has. I have no idea how good the rest of your conference is, but this year nobody form your team has a chance at getting beyond districts in the tough southwest district.
what about amelia tennis? Adam Clifford and Eric Schweinhart will both make runs at state this year. two players who got no credit because of a bunch of bad circumstances this past year. Eric just came off an elbow surgery, and adam had just recovered from a broken foot last year. this year they will dominate. they'll go undefeated in the season and make a deep run in state. also look for chris pfaffroth to be a contender. he will be awesome in the next few seasons.
I am going to agree with what ToolTime2 has stated. I viewed this rare talents last year. AND WOW AMAZING!!!! (if not injured)
Amelia is a D1, and I see too much talent in the Cincinnati area with Kings still with Matt Alaire, and all of ST. X's guys, Sycamore, for all of Amelia's guys to make a deep run in state. They might get to districts, but they probaly won;t go to Columbus. If Amelia plays anyone really good (anyone in the MVC, Indian Hill, ST. X, Sycamore.....) they will be easily beaten, unless they have really good doubles.
staying healthy is key for amelia. they have had serious injury troubles, and if they can avoid it, they can beat some of those guys. i know there is serious talent, my mom was a pro at a tennis club (harpers point) for 12 years or so. so i have seen my fair share of talents around the area, and i think those amelia boys have a great chance
I looked at Amelia scheldule, and I only see three matches in which they will struggle if they are as good as you think they are. Those would be aganist Mason, Loveland, and Walnut Hills.
walnut is good. they are really good. but when you see amelia play this season you will understand how their previous records do not show their talent. they will shock the world. if they play kings matt allare will have a tough match.
Matt Allare may have a tougher match than he is expecting, becuase they are playing alemia, which does not have a great reputation, but matt is one of the best players in the midwest, and he will not lose to anyone from amelia.
you think matt is as good as his brother was when he was matt's age? but clifford from amelia will not make the mistakes matt can cause his opponents to make. if anything clifford will be in the situation to make matt make the mistakes
The only thing I know is that Matt has still won some Midwest titles, and from I know Amelia should not pose a threat to Kings, but they will better than in the past. Also, do you have USTA ranking for Clifford, becuase I could find them, because their website is being updated a this moment.
These two.

These two players you keep talking about, Clifford and Schwienhart, well they aren't even ranked, let alone seeded in the Midwest section or Ohio Valley District. Now, this may be the exception, but in most cases the good high school players play the real stuff. And, regardless of who these kids are, they aren't going to beat Matt Allare. The only kid in Ohio that I would be confident can beat Matt is Justin Kronauge, and he isn't even playing high school tennis now. Matt is has much more talent and is better for his age than John was, and the only reason he loses to John is because of the mental game between the two brothers. And finally, tooltime when did your mother work at Harper's? The only two female pros who have been up there for 12 years are Bunni Allare and Lyn Neighbors McNally, and I know you aren't one of theirs.
My mom's name is Mauri Sutter, but she might have still been Mauri Kohler when she worked there. she ran the peewee camp there for countless years. i grew up there. i dare you to go ask steve contardi if he has ever heard of Mauri Sutter. i can gaurentee you he will speak praises about her. she won state division one when she was in high school in New York. she knows tennis, and she was a tennis pro there for years
better yet, why dont you ask bunni if she knows my mom. i can promise you she does. my mom still talks about bunni all the time. both my parents were really good friends with all those guys
amelia tennis is not as good as you guys are playing them to be nor finneytown they just arent top 10 in the city calibur especially for how good cincinnati is in tennis
ToolTime2 said:
better yet, why dont you ask bunni if she knows my mom. i can promise you she does. my mom still talks about bunni all the time. both my parents were really good friends with all those guys
I'm not calling you a liar, I'm just asking you to open your eyes
Tballer said:
I'm not calling you a liar, I'm just asking you to open your eyes

open my eyes to what? i cant tell if you are insinuating that she really wasnt a pro there? or if she just hasnt been for a while? if it is the latter, then i know, she hasnt done it for almost 12 years. but ask bunni of steve, and they will tel you:eek: :eek: :eek:
tool time even if your mother worked at harpers thats great she still wasnt a real pro she ran a peewee clinic and i doubt contardi would praise a peewee instructor they use the good teachers for elite not peewees and i dont think you know that much about tennis if ur praising amelia and finneytown also your mom must not of taught u all of this knowledge since you are praising a team that hasnt ever had a district qualifier and for matt allare havens and him is always a close match i think havens wins but he is d2 but u are also forgetting sandy berry he might give matt a run for his money