EBC Football 2023

You do know Salem was talked about in the likes of Sebring before Coach Johnson came in right? One down year and you’re ready to can him. My guess is he would have another job in a month. I have been lucky to have a nice run of coaches come through at WR. I appreciate them because I know how bad it was before they got here. Salem should be careful.
I agree. I don't necessarily like Johnson but they were consistently competitive over the years.
This is what I don’t get, and no one I sat beside could tell me. Alliance football team looked small last night. Looked like there was only possibility 40-42 football players if that. They loaded up 2 buses, probably sitting one to a seat and room for coaches to have their own seats as well. What happened to the 60-80 kids alliance use to have?

Alliance lost 5 games this year to Streetsboro, Carrollton, CCC, West Branch, and to Aurora. 4 out of the 5 just pounded the rock. How do u not find an answer to the run game on defense? Better yet it’s a playoff game “do or die” and your best 11 athletes aren’t on the field at all times. Why no Ramhir Hawkins, K’Vaughn Davis on Defense to try to help out?

The few games I got to watch of Alliance this season. I seen #33, yell and argue with his coaches and nothing happened. Last night #2 got ejected for fighting. Seen Alliance players arguing amongst themselves. To me being an outsider, I would say they wasn’t a very disciplined team.

Can someone also tell me why the second to last row on Kickoff return wasn’t allowed to touch the ball? All night against Aurora they let it bounce beside them, letting the “returners” run up to it to hopefully get it. And the one was kicked to #27 and it let it bounce and stick right beside him for Aurora to recover?

The last thing I seen from the Aviators was every time a kid came off the field to the sideline last night. There was no coaching the kids up. The assistant coaches pulled the kids to the side and just yelled at them for not “doing their job” but no coaching them up and trying to figure out a way to help them be better just yelling at them to be better. I have never seen a team shout down like Alliance did. You can tell those players was done with the game after being beat on the field and than being yelled at on the sidelines.
First of all....Alliance number are just down...a promising Junior class of 25 is down to 6....why aren't they playing who knows I guess football is just to hard for some...or the youngsters don't want to put in the time to receive playing time...
I didn't see the yelling at the kids that you saw as they came off the field...What i saw all year were the kids buying into Coach Goodman's philosophy......probably trying to get the kids to play harder..
The Alliance coaches have done a good just in teaching pride.... and knowing the history of Alliance football by bringing in Hall of Famers and hearing all that is good about being an Aviator!
Alliance has some great kids and all they want to do is play hard and win and represent their school and community..