Division V Semifinal: R17 South Range (14-0) vs R18 Liberty Center (14-0) at Clyde

Who will advance to the Division V State Championship game?

  • South Range

    Votes: 78 66.7%
  • Liberty Center

    Votes: 39 33.3%

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SR was such a complete team and executed things perfectly all night. I only know the hype of the recruits at Ironton so can’t comment much on what I think will happen but it could very well end up being an Eleven Best vs the Best Eleven type of game.


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Congratulations Raiders! Great Game your team is just flat out amazing. Great Season Tigers I had a blast these past 15 weeks they have nothing to be ashamed of! Here’s too loosing too the camps two years in a row (probably) and hoping next year is our year.

Go Raiders


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It has been an amazing season. And thank you to all the "outside" South Range comments of congratulations. Those are appreciated.

As you said Targeting, the Raiders have paid their dues, and have had some really great teams that came up short whether it was to Bedford Chanel, Patrick Henry, Eastwood, or Kirtland. Hopefully, this is the year that we can bring the championship trophy home.

But more importantly, I'm beyond happy for Dan. I've known him since he was an assistant coach under Rich McClennan, and he learned on the job and has elevated the program to what it is today. I can't wait to see him and his team enter Fawcett Stadium next week.


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LC needs to be physical on #20, #11 and #24 so they don't get a free release. That is their only chance.
They did not succeed in that. I would even argue that Leon and Lindstrom were the more physical players with the number of broken tackles they ran through.


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They did not succeed in that. I would even argue that Leon and Lindstrom were the more physical players with the number of broken tackles they ran through.
I was almost yelling during the game, Leon is 1 on 1! He caught a few outs, and went over the top a few times. Nearly unguardable in those situations.


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Congrats to South Range! I have been following the Raiders for many seasons, I'm a long time Smithville fan and recall playing the Raiders in 2004, I believe that Sounth Range has played 3 different Wayne Co. teams. I am very happy your program has made it to the Big Dance!! Bring home the Championship.


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Count this Marion Local fan as one who had never watched a whole South Range game. I tuned in last night and was thoroughly impressed. They fly to the ball, have great team speed, play with confidence and play HARD. Congrats!
Wow, Thank you! That truly means a lot coming from a Marion Local fan. I have watched your team in the state championships several times, so your words from a program of such success are very gratifying.


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I was shocked by that too. That's another reason I thought LC was in trouble.
Lc had no choice but to play single coverage you don’t double a receiver in highschool unless he is their only weapon and obviously Leon wasn’t the only weapon. Also LC always plays zone defense and this Friday no one knew their assignments almost as if it was the 1st week of the season. Blown coverage led to 2 TD’s


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Susceptible by #62 what about #75 #70 they are all very good. Also we had 98 yards after the sacks on the last 2 plays. Mason Oliver was 💯 he was just not able to get anything going. He had no where to run.
Well as I said, their defense was susceptible. Got exposed two weeks in a row. Maybe next time be a little more humble and not so standoffish