DII Stow District


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1. I agree with you that it's a good thing the Irish took the bye. (Typically, they don't!). And I hate the rationale that "It helps keep the team fresh", because it really doesn't. It's more of a way to get JV players experience than it is to keep the varsity fresh. And it's far better to have the other 2 teams get the opportunity to play a good game before having to face the Irish.
2. I hate the format that allows all these teams to avoid each other. I understand it, but it makes for really lopsided districts; which isn't good IMO.


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Friday Final scores

STVM 60 Warrensville Heights 21
Mentor Lake Catholic 50 Coventry 28

Buckeye 72 Norton 61
Lutheran West 45 Rocky River 20


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#8 Lutheran West vs #9 Medina Buckeye tonight. Any thoughts? Do either of these teams have a chance to stay within 20 of SVSM?