DI State Semifinal: Springfield vs. Cincinnati Moeller

Who wins?

  • Springfield by 1-8

    Votes: 23 19.0%
  • Springfield by 9-16

    Votes: 5 4.1%
  • Springfield by 17+

    Votes: 5 4.1%
  • Moeller by 1-8

    Votes: 28 23.1%
  • Moeller by 9-16

    Votes: 44 36.4%
  • Moeller by 17+

    Votes: 16 13.2%

  • Total voters
I agree. Should have just taken a few knees with Moeller out of timeouts.

Springfield defense has been rock solid though in the second half. Feels like a tall task for Moeller to drive for a TD with the way this game has played out.
Why score a TD Springfield? You could have kneeled put the clock. Moeller had no timeouts. And then they went for 2 and didn’t get it! Now they’re only down 7 with 2 min+ left. Why, Springfield, why?
Probably should’ve definitely tried to run more clock. As far as the 2 point maybe they didn’t trust the kicker after the last XP went wide.
Basic f’n math. 35 secs*4 plays = 2.5 mins.
Clock doesn’t run after the 4th down play, but it’s a 40 second play clock. 3 x 40 is 2:00 exactly, then you figure about 3 seconds per kneel. There was 2:15 on the clock. That leaves 6 seconds for the QB to run around on 4th down.